Answers and Questions

Need to know anything more before getting the best accounts money can buy?

We have got you covered with all the answers.

Is this store trustworthy?

Our customer feedback speaks for us. Check out why they rate us so highly in our reviews section.

Can I swap the email on my account?

Sorry, you can't. The accounts we offer are NFA (non full access)

What happens if something goes wrong?

No problem! Just visit our replacement page if there's an issue within a day of buying. For other issues, join our Discord server and open a ticket.

What does "inactive" mean?

An account is called inactive if it hasn't been used for one month.

What's the warranty on the accounts?

The warranty of the disposable products is 24 hours.

What does NFA mean?

NFA stands for ''Not Full Access'', which means you don't completely own the account and can't change the password.

How will I get my account?

After you pay, we'll immediately give you the login info on the successful payment page and email it to you.

Can I get my money back if I don't like the service?

Sorry, but no. If you start an unauthorized charge-back, we'll see it as a scam, and you'll be banned from the store and your account.

Where can i see my past orders?

To view your previous orders, visit the login page and enter your email address. An OTP (One-Time Password) will be sent to your email for verification. Once you've completed this verification step, you'll be directed to the user panel where you can review all your past orders.

How do i use the automatic replacing feature?

To utilize the automatic replacement feature, you have two options. You can either navigate to the replacements page and input your order ID and email, or you can log into your account and click the 'Replace' button directly next to your order. Either method will initiate the replacement process for your order.

What happens if I paid late and didn't receive the product?

If you made a late payment and haven't received the product, it's possible your payment has been marked as expired. But don't worry! Our support team at Luxurystore responds quickly and can process your transaction. This scenario is rare, but if it happens, reach out to us on Discord, providing your email address to confirm your identity, and we'll sort it out.

Can I make custom requests, such as specific skins, champions, rank, etc.?

Yes, Luxurystore does cater to custom requests! If you're looking for specific skins, champions, or ranks, feel free to open a ticket for your unique request. Our team at Luxurystore will be more than happy to consider your preferences.

Where can I find discount coupons?

Active discount coupons are conveniently listed on the products page of the Luxurystore website. If there are any active discounts, they'll be visible there for all customers to see and use.

I'm trying to make a purchase but it's not working. What can I do?

If you're experiencing issues when trying to make a purchase through SellPass, there are a couple of potential solutions that you can try:

Disable any extensions:
Certain browser extensions can interfere with the process of making a purchase online. Try disabling any extensions you currently have enabled, then attempt the purchase again.

Use incognito mode:
If disabling extensions doesn't resolve the issue, another option is to try making the purchase using your browser's incognito mode. This mode disables extensions and clears cookies and cache, which can sometimes resolve issues with online transactions.

If you still can't make a purchase after trying these solutions, please contact our support through Discord.

My account has less RP then described, what can i do?

First, check refundable RP through the in-game store. If there's less RP than described then simply use automatic replacements system to get a new one that has the correct amount of RP.